Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] xine metadata, and iPod HAL support

> > The rest is HAL support for the iPod source, with a bit of refactoring
> > for the existing code.
> >
> Neat.  This doesn't apply to 0.9 though.  I will fix that tonight, and
> get this patch in.  Or you could apply it yourself to 0.9 :)

I made some heavy changes to rb-ipod-source.c over the week-end, and
took care of merging the hal stuff while I was at it. I haven't
addressed the issues raised by Bastiaan though.

Here is an update on the state of the iPod source in the 0.9 branch for
people who used the old code as a starting point to support other
portable players:
* the code to populate the database with the content of the iPod has
been synced with the changes that have been done in rhythmdb API during
the 0.8=>0.9 transition
* the iPod source can now be shown/hidden as appropriate (ie you no
longer have an iPod icon in the source list when it's not plugged in)
* the detection code has been totally rewritten: instead of polling a
predefined path to try to find an iPod directory structure, it now uses
the GnomeVFSVolumeMonitor API (added in GNOME 2.6) to know about mounted
filesystems, and also to be notified when something is mounted/unmounted
* it optionally uses hal thanks to Bastien's patch ;)

In short, the ipod code in 0.9 is much better than the 0.8 one ;)


> Thanks a lot, this is great stuff!
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