Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] noisy playback

Have you tried lowering the volume that the hardware is set at (rather 
than the speakers, I mean). On my PC, pushing my sound card to high 
volumes introduces quite a bit of noise. Using a lower volume on the PC 
side and a higher one hifi seems to make the output a lot less noisy.

     Mike            |

Stambo wrote:
> Hi Rhythmbox devs, 
> i really like your program & i was waiting for long time for a player that can sort my songs. but i have a lil problem. 
> i install rhythmbox on my Slackware 9.1 & it seems fine. but when i play a song, it plays nice for about 20 sec & then i heard this noise, which is pretty annoying. when i forward , the song plays well again, but for 20 sec & then i hear the same noise. 
> i tried reinstalling Gstreamer & also upgrading to the newest version, but i couldn't install it. so i am using Gstreamer from my Slackware CD-rom. 
> my question is, how can i fix the playback & is it Gstreamer's fault? 
> thanks for your help! 
> Regards, Stambo 

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