Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [Q] Failed to create volume elements ?!?

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The volume element should be included in the gstreamer-plugins package,
but you can check for it by running `gst-inspect-0.6|grep volume`. If
you get a line like 'volume:  volume: Volume', you have the plugin.
Otherwise, try running `gst-register-0.6` and then inspect again. If it
finds it now, you'll have to run gst-register every time you install a
gstreamer package.

Switching the backend is a compile-time option. Pass
'--with-player=xine' to configure.

You should use the gstreamer backend if it works for you; xine is there
as a backup.


Johannes Behr wrote:
| Hi,
| i just installed rhythmbox 0.6.3 from the
| "Bug Isolation Project binaries" page (linke on your
| side)
| And also the following gstreamer + following packages:
| gstreamer-audio-formats
| gstreamer-esound
| gstreamer-flac
| gstreamer-GConf
| gstreamer-gnomevfs
| gstreamer-mad
| gstreamer-oss
| gstreamer-play
| gstreamer-plugins
| gstreamer-tools
| But when I try to play a file in rhythombox I get the
| following error massage poping up in window:
| --------------------------------------------------------
| Failed to create volume element; check your installation
| --------------------------------------------------------
| I looked for a "volume" package but there is no on the
| official gstreamer side:
| - Any Idea?
| - Sould I download rhythmbox and compile it with xine support?
| - Can I switch the backend in rhythmbox (gstream or xine) or
|   is it a compile-time option?
| - what backend is "better" ?
| bye
|   johannes

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