[Rhythmbox-devel] PyRB: A Rhythmbox command-line controller

Recently, I configured the multimedia keys on my keyboard to control
Rhythmbox using the command line (--play-pause etc.).  Unfortunately, it
takes about half a second on my machine for the commands to take
effect.  This can get a bit annoying when I'm trying to rapidly change
songs and besides, it makes my system feel a little sluggish.

The script located at http://www.winsper.org.uk/pyrb/0.1/pyrb is a small
python script to control some playback functions of Rhythmbox from the
command line.  It evolved from a script to produce useful output from
--print-playing and it's reached the point where I think other people
may find it useful.  It's nothing spectacular, but it may save some
people some effort.  Feedback/improvements welcome.

Requirements: Python 2.3+, PyGtk

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