Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI ideas

hi all,
>Paul Hendrick wrote:
>>hi there,
>>i've done a couple of mockups for ideas on changes in the rb ui.
>>you can see them here:
>I like the sidebar changes--there's definitely lot of wasted space there if 
>you don't make heavy use of the playlists.  What I don't particularly like 
>is the "options" menu at the bottom.  We've already got shuffle/repeat in 
>the Control menu, and I think we need to keep the toggle buttons in the 
>main view.  And where's the search box?  I think the Show Browser/Search 
>toolbar's also one to keep.  So basically it's just the sidebar changes I 
>like. :)

yeah, i think that the wasted space is bad, and is the best place for the 
artwork image. i think this is similar to how iTunes does it (haven't used 
it too much tho, and after using it for an hour or so i said to myself - RB 
is better! :) )

once the artwork had been dragged there the note would be covered up(until a 
new album with no artwork was selected).

>I'm not sure what I think about the visualization window, though.  Are 
>there currently plans to integrate visualization plugins into RB? 
>Personally I couldn't care less about visualization--I've always thought it 
>rather pointless waste of CPU cycles, but I know some people like it.    As 
>long as it's easy enough to turn off, that would be fine.

yeah, i think the viz plugin shouldnt really be in rb, but it might be 
implemented one day and that was just an idea for HOW it could be done. i 
dont really like the whole visualisation thing.


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