Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Nomad Jukebox Support


It seems that the Nomad is a bit different from the iPod: the iPod is a
regular usb/firewire external hard disk, so reading files from it only
involves getting the correct path for the file (they are stored in a
weird directory tree), while it seems you can't read files directly from
the Nomad unless you are using libnjb. 

This makes things a bit trickier, since rhythmbox wouldn't be able to
use its regular pipeline (something like gnomevfssrc ! spider !
audiosink) because gnomevfssrc will be unable to read from the Nomad
unless you write a gnome-vfs method for it.


On dim, 2004-08-08 at 12:02 -0400, Michael McCabe wrote:
> I'm interested in adding Creative Nomad Jukebox support to Rhythmbox
> that will be similiar to the iPod support.  It would use libnjb to
> access the jukebox.  I was just wondering if anyone else had started
> work on this.
> Thanks
> Mike

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