[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: tag editing, sound juicer, alsa, etc.

>I'm sure you guys are sick of getting badgered about this, but what has to be done before tag editing will be in Rhythmbox? Does some work have to be done on GStreamer, too? Is there a projected date for this feature?
>-Brenton Stone
I have to second this.  I  did some tag editing in Easy Tag and was a 
little annoyed to find that as a result I lost my Play Count, Last 
Played info and the re tagged tags were autorated at 3, with autorating 
turned on.

While I'm whinging, when I used Sound Juicer to "import" a CD, I found 
that the tracks were ripped okay, but they weren't in the rhythmbox 
library.  This is not "importing" by my definition.

Since my last post I've got rhythmbox 0.8.1 installed, along with 
gstreamer 0.8.  My issues with alsa have come back (i.e. rhythmbox won't 
play unless I turn off KDE system sounds). I suspect I need to reinstall 
gstreamer with alsa support, or something...

Derrick Ashby

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