Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] tag editing in rhythmbox

Quoting Brenton Stone <>:

> I'm sure you guys are sick of getting badgered about this, but what has to be
> done before tag editing will be in Rhythmbox? Does some work have to be done
> on GStreamer, too? Is there a projected date for this feature?
both Rhythmbox and GStreamer have a framework for doing this, what's missing is 
bugfixing all around and interfacing those two.

One big issue here is that ou definitely don't want to do stuff wrong. If 
retagging your files overwrites your data, it's gone. So you need to be quite 
sure you do stuff correctly...

Another big issue here is a way to automatically do the right thing. Currently 
there is no way to automatically tell GStreamer to "retag this file". And 
belive me, people throw all kinds of files at GStreamer where they believe it's 
an mp3 where it's all sorts of wav headers, ID3 tags, lame tags and mp3 data 
intermingled in a file. How do we handle that and more importantly: How do we 
modify that when we should just write tags?

And on top of that we developers get interested in all sorts of other things, 
too. Feel free to join though :)

who is happy tag reading works as good as it does. :)

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