[Rhythmbox-devel] command line options not working

just installed rhythmbox and quite impressed thus far. ran into a
problem with using the --play-pause,--next and the like, options. i
bind some multimedia keys on my laptop to F20 through F23 and then
bind those to command in icewm. this works just fine with xmms, so i
tried remapping the keys to rhythmbox commands. below is the the error
i get once one of these buttons is pressed:

Failed to create the player: Failed to set up an audio driver; check
your installation

in my ~/.icewm/keys i have:
key "F20"         rhythmbox --play-pause
key "F21"         rhythmbox --play-pause
key "F22"         rhythmbox --previous
key "F23"         rhythmbox --next

am i not calling these right or something?

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