Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Error Loading Files into library

If this is an issue with GStreamer-0.8, please file a bug against
GStreamer and provide a way to obtain one of the files that doesn't play.
If it's a bug in GStreamer-0.6, please upgrade. It is highly unlikely that
we (the GStreamer devels) will ever look at that code again.
(I have no idea what Rhythmbox compiles against by default when both is


On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Martin Gehrke wrote:

> Rhythmbox 0.6.10
> Audiobackend: Gstreamer
> Formats: MP3 Vorbis FLAC
> i have both gstreamer-0.8 and gstreamer06
> it loads 3000 songs but comes back with about 25 or 30 it says this for
> The following files couldn't be loaded:
>     Failed to father information about the file
> file:///home/martin/Music/Music/Underworld Soundtrack/01 - Underworld - The
> Damning Well - Awakening.mp3
> and it does this for all files for this album and other files.
> i checked to see if they are mp3s and not wavs with mp3 suffix, but they are
> really mp3s
> they came up fine with xmms and easytag
> thanks
> Martin
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