Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] State Of The Rhythmbox - CVS branches,rhythmdb, arch news, and more

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 00:00, Colin Walters wrote:
> Hello everyone, and welcome back to SOTR!
> For our friends on, I'll say their part first so
> they don't have to dig through the rest of this mail:
> Rhythmbox has branched in CVS.  There's now a RHYTHMBOX-0_5 branch where
> we hope to do a 0.5.4 release, and possibily 0.5.5.  
> I've committed the --rhythmdb arch branch to CVS HEAD[1].  To
> translators: Please concentrate on the RHYTHMBOX-0_5 CVS branch.  CVS
> HEAD will be changing quite rapidly (including string things).  Or if
> you're feeling ambitious you could use arch for translations :)
> (Translators, that's it for you, but feel free to read on if you
> like...)
> As I mentioned, the RhythmDB work I've been hacking on for the past
> several weeks has been commited to CVS HEAD.  If you're feeling
> adventurous, please try it out!  It's "somewhat" stable, but there's
> still lots of functionality to restore, and tons of room for improvement
> in usability and especially speed.  I think it's definitely at the point
> where other people can hack on it and help fix things.


> So what's cool about RhythmDB?  One thing you'll probably notice first
> is that queries are completely asychronous.  In fact, I invested a
> fairly large amount of development time ensuring the UI *NEVER* blocks
> for more than about 3/4 of a second.

/me loves RhythmDB already even though he hasn't used it yet.

> The one noticeable area where RhythmDB is noticeably *slower* than the
> old code is when switching back to "All".  I think I know how to solve
> this though (basically just keep around a cached "All" query model).  In
> fact, generally speaking RhythmDB's architecture will allow for
> optimization much more easily.  For example, we could cache frequently
> used queries, or queries for highly rated songs, or both.  Also the
> query optimizer that is there in the treedb now is fairly stupid, but I
> know several tricks I could use to boost its speed.

great, speed = good

So is RhythmDB written in a way to be backend independent?? I mean can
we make it support libgnomedb later on and use sqllite or something??
just curious... if so, once we get a solid 0.6.0 release perhaps we
could play around with new backends... without breaking the internals
thanks to RhythmDB.

> Besides "All", otherwise things should be snappier.  Searching still has
> some room for improvement too. 
> Right now all that's implemented is the library.  But internet radio
> should be less than an hour of work to restore.  Playlists will be
> rewritten to be user-orderable, but that shouldn't be too terribly hard
> either.  So things are looking fairly good.
> You will find bugs.  Probably lots.  At least initially, please give us
> a week or two before reporting them, since it's very likely we know
> about them, but just haven't gotten around to them yet.
> I made a relatively small but rather annoying mistake when I first
> created the arch repository - I used --1.0 for the version, when I
> clearly should have used --0.5.  So I've created a new archive,
>, which contains revisions tagged from the
> old one.  From an arch user/developer perspective, all you have to do is
> register the new archive location:
> $ tla register-archive
> Now, the new archive layout looks like this:
> walters@columbia> tla abrowse
>   rb-site
>     rb-site--mainline
>       rb-site--mainline--0
>         base-0
>   rhythmbox
>     rhythmbox--mainline
>       rhythmbox--mainline--0.5
>         base-0
>       rhythmbox--mainline--0.6
>         base-0 .. patch-6
> So you can see we have two --mainlines now, one --0.5 and another
> --0.6.  This branch will be associated with the RHYTHMBOX-0_5 CVS
> branch.  The --0.6 arch branch will naturally associate with CVS HEAD
> (for now).
> That's it for now.  Happy hacking!
> [1] After great pain.  In order to break some circular dependencies I
> had to move lib/widgets to widgets/, which with arch I did just using
> 'mv' in about 1 second, plus a few edits to's.  Mirroring
> this change in CVS took close to two hours of intense pain.  I'm
> actually still not sure it's entirely right.
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