[Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmdb branch status


The --rhythmdb branch just added and displayed its first song.  It also
played it :)

Silly screenshot: http://web.verbum.org/files/Screenshot.png

So things are getting somewhere.  It's still very broken and buggy and
stuff, with /* RHYTHMDB FIXME */ scattered about the code.

But the architecture is mainly there.  It's pretty close to the point
where it'd be useful if other people helped out too.

My plan at this point is to wait until I get another solid day or two of
hacking on it and it works a little better, and then what we'll do is
create a RHYTHMBOX_0-5 branch in CVS, and commit rhythmdb to HEAD.

At the same time, I'm going to create a new arch archive,
walters@rhythmbox.org--2003b, with tags from the previous one.  The
reason is that I mistakenly used --1.0 as the version component of the
various revisions, when I clearly should have used --0.5.
The nice thing about arch is that this transition will be seamless...it
works transparently across archive boundaries.

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