[Rhythmbox-devel] Artist/Album Categorization Suggestion


Though I found RealMedia's products to be abominations, their RealJukebox 
had an extremely nice feature I would very much like to see in Rhythmbox.  
While editing the name of the artist/album, a drop-down list of all the 
other artists/albums would appear.  That way one wouldn't have to go through 
a massive music library replacing all occurrences of "frank zappa" with 
"Frank Zappa".  Very convenient, and fairly obvious once editing of music 
tags is possible, but I just hope to not find this capability missing.  
Another possibility would be looking up the Year, Genre etc fields 
automatically as soon as the name of the album is given (might be best to 
avoid using other tracks on the user's computer to glean this information, 
as it might also be faulty).

Hope this is useful.  I'm not on the mailing list, and would appreciate 
hearing anything that comes out of this.
Daniel Rasmussen

Jabber: dhrasmus@charente.de

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