Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] Show window when not visible

> > How will the recent discussions about show/hide impact the bonobo
> > interface ?
> Ah, now that show/hide has now been restored to its original behavior.


> > I think I'll have some time to hack on it and sync it with the
> current
> > source this evening or this week-end - I'm still motivated :)
> Nag, nag :)
> Are you running into any trouble?  

Well, not code-wise, thanks :). I just managed to get extremely busy :(

> People keep asking me about extending the Bonobo interface (for writing
> a gdesklet), and more commandline options for play/pause/next etc., so
> I'd really like to see this patch in :)

Ok, so I promise I'll post the updated patch tomorrow (I'm not at home) in its 
current state at worse (which should apply and compile and work fine) :).

And in case I get some extra time, what are the features people would like to 
have ? I can see, apart from those already existing :

- play/pause/next/back
- stop (is it really useful now that the sound device is released on pause ?)
- get current / total song time, and maybe seek to a given second in the song
- get/set visibility, repeat and shuffle

I'm not sure if the bonobo interface is suited for library/source operations 
such as inspection and selection, as data sets can be huge. If those are 
useful I'll write another patch :)



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