[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox arch-tag: lines


Rhythmbox is now primarily using the Arch revision control system, but
we do sync with CVS about once a day.

One of the things arch does is have these tags that look like this
included in the files:

# arch-tag: Serbian (@Latn) translation of Rhythmbox

That was from po/sr@Latn.po.  These tags are intended to uniquely
identify files, so that if it's renamed, arch can record that as a
rename instead of a delete/add.  Two files cannot have the same tag. 
This is why I put the (@Latn) in the arch-tag for po/sr@Latn.po, and
left it out for po/sr.po.

The @Latn in the arch-tag was removed in a recent change to
po/sr@Latn.po, and this caused a problem with the arch tree.

In general, unless you know exactly what you're doing and why, please do
not touch the arch-tag lines.  If you have a problem with the content of
the arch-tag, please send me a mail and we'll work something out.


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