Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Can't compile Rhythmbox 0.5.88

> I use Debian woody with the GNOME 2.2 backport from
> Jamie Strandboge.
> I successfully compiled the last release (0.5.3), so:
> what should I do? Has it to do something with the
> (older) gcc2.95 debian uses?

Yep, that's it. If you look at the line indicated in the message, you'll
see code like:
static void
query_complete_cb (RhythmDBQueryModel *model, RBLibrarySource *source)
        rb_debug ("query complete");
        struct RBLibrarySourceQueryCompleteData *data
                = g_new0 (struct RBLibrarySourceQueryCompleteData, 1);
        data->model = model;

Removing the rb_debug line or moving it after the 'struct ...' line
should fix compilation.

Hope that helps,


> thanks for your help
> rubinstein
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