[Rhythmbox-devel] Loading of m3u/other playlists

First off, want to say what an excellent app this is. Colin, you and the 
other hackers have made RB into a most amazing piece of software, one 
that I actively pimp to all my linux using friends (and even a few of 
those lost Windows souls, hey, it's got one to convert already). I 
actively download the latest tla source, even made a script to do such a 
thing, and it usually gets run 3 times a day at least. Crazy? Probably. :P

Anyway, enough of the praise. I remember that 0.5.4 could load a m3u 
playlist, didn't work 100%, but it did work. I have various streams 
saved as m3u playlists, an there are several internet radio stations 
that use the m3u format to deliver their streams (i.e. Digitally 
Imported - di.fm). 0.5.4 would load these into the radio stations list. 
This seems to have been removed, or is broken, in the latest tla source. 
Any help here?

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