[Rhythmbox-devel] Sort-of-nightly Rhythmbox .debs for Debian Unstable

Hello everyone,

I'm experimenting/learning on how to make .debs and I've been making
nearly nightly builds of .debs for myself and some friends for the past
few weeks. I think I have it mostly figured out so I thought I'd share
them with anyone who is interested. Add:

deb http://www.evane.org/debian/experimental ./

to your /etc/apt/sources.list and then just update and upgrade. CAUTION:
This package replaces the "rhythmbox" package in sid, so if you want to
revert you'll have to remove the deb line and then reinstall rhythmbox
from sid. After all the improvements lately, I doubt you'll want to go
back to .5.3 anyway. :)

Please report problems/bugs to me via email or the list, these have been
working well but bad things do happen, so YMMV. Since I'm new at this,
please don't bother the devs with complaints/bugs unless you're sure
that it wasn't a packaging error.

jorge o. castro <jorge@whiprush.org>

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