Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap - smart playlists

On mer, 2003-10-15 at 17:44 +0100, wrote:
> All,
> This all sounds great, but we need to keep the interface as simple as possible.  Which is where the iTunes form sort of works and sort of doesn't!  I hate to ask, but what does  'Jamboree' do in this case?

Different widget placement, but it seems[*] same iTunes

> i.e. Would I really want 
> (Year = 1976, Genre = "Funk") or (Year = 1999, Genre = "Peruvian Flute Music")
> I might want 
> (Year = 1990, Genre = "Alternative" or Genre = "Altern Rock")

mmmhhh.... But it's a script, not a simple dialog :-)

Beside IMHO you can't 'write' your first query using widget.

The query is:


Using a GUI like the one (unused) in
rhythmbox/data/glade/ you can only do
Where	A	[is]		xxx
[Or]	B	[is not]	yyy
[And]	C	[is]		zzz
[Or]	D	[is]		kkk

It should be A+BC+D, if the AND has precedence on OR as it should be.

So, i remember well boolean algebra

(A+B)(C+D) =
= (A+B)C+(A+B)D =
= AC+BC+AD+BC <>
<> A+BC+D

You need parenthesis!!

So, to be KISS, IMHO a simple [Match all!Match any] is the best for now.

Note that the second query is AB+C <> A(B+C) = AB+AC

> As an example I was going to look at the filter rules in Evolution, but am at work right now.

It should be a simple [Match all|Match any]

[*]Note that I've only a screenshot of iTunes dialog
[**] == (A OR B)AND(C OR D)
     It's boolean algebra: AND==x OR==+ 

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