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> From: Jeff Waugh <jdub@perkypants.org>
> To: GNOME Desktop Hackers <desktop-devel-list@gnome.org>
> Subject: Re: My take on Totem and GStreamer
> Date: 29 May 2003 23:50:35 +1000
> <quote who="Seth Nickell">
> > Which is what most users are going to care about, as much as I think
> > gstreamer is cool and awesome. Getting Xine to be shippable with distros
> > sounds like a serious and potentially fatal hurdle
> (Bastien has said that the Xine dudes are perfectly happy to split out the
> patent-encumbered source into another module, so this should not be too
> serious.)
> > The nice thing about Totem is that if we ship Xine for 2.4, when we
> > transition to Totem with gstreamer behind it for 2.6 nobody should notice
> > (except hopefully that things are stronger, smarter, faster, better ;-)
> Strongly agree.
> > The only issue that I would be seriously concerned about is if shipping a
> > Totem'd Xine will further hamper the surprisingly lethargic rate that
> > gstreamer is acquiring plugins for "modern" video formats.
> ... and fully supporting error feedback, video/audio syncing, etc., etc.
> This is the biggest reason why I'm iffy about shipping a xine-based Totem,
> but we may end up having to consider it for 2.6 anyway.
> And on my random commentary about Rhythmbox:
> > > [1] Which, as it happens, I don't think should be in the desktop release
> > > (I don't think music library management is a 'greatest common factor'
> > > feature) but should be blessed in an official GNOME release of sorts.
> > 
> > Rhythmbox isn't "music library management" software, its a music player,
> > which is pretty basic functionality at this point. I think music playing,
> > video playing, and making presentations are the most desired "tasks" not
> > yet handled by GNOME (though of course, we're still waiting on stable
> > GNOME2 ports of some even more important software like Gnumeric and
> > AbiWord, so perhaps its not fair to say that these are currently covered).
> I guess my disagreement stems from 'greatest common factor' issues. Simple
> media playing is useful for lots of different kinds of users, but music
> playing and organising may not be. Consider a locked down corporate desktop
> environment... I think that the stuff we put into the Desktop release should
> minimally satisfy the greatest common factor of our users. "Accessories sold
> separately." ;-) Thus, I'm not sure that a music player and organiser fully
> fits in.
> Totally random musings though, and good stuff to discuss over a beer at
> GUADEC, I'm sure. ;-)
> - Jeff
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