Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] linking mp3 decoders with rhythmbox

Il sab, 2003-05-10 alle 21:18, Colin Walters ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Havoc Pennington raised the issue on IRC of rhythmbox linking against
> mp3 decoders like the mad GStreamer plugin.  Technically since the
> plugin is using a patented codec, and rb is GPL the result is illegal to
> distribute.  To work around this legalistic braindamage, we would have
> to add an exception to the license saying that linking against any
> GStreamer plugin is acceptable.

Just another related question: what about burn MP3 CDs??

      * I don't think there are a lot of OggVorbis player devices
        around, so we can make Ogg CDs only for backup
      * (Commercial) distros typically disable MP3 encoding features, so
        they need to remove this feature
      * We should re-encode ogg files in mp3 format before burn them
      * other...

      * kill patents[1]

[1] A little OT. I hate this kind of troubles (as user): in the year
2003 we have 3 desktop enabled OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux distros) and
each uses a different default "encoding format" ([wmp vs aac vs ogg] or
[MSOffice vs AppleWorks vs OpenOffice] and so on)..... I want an Open
World, I want my mum can start writing a document at home@Linux, copy on
floppy, go to work and end it on Win, without she has to convert it or
remember to save in a different format, without test if something
changes in MSOffice. I want to be free. 

Think bigger

			My uncle

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