Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Die Groups Die

'Group' would be a sensible name for 'vplaylists' i think (that name is
just crack).

And lets just use playlists for the current groups yes.

(on to replying alll these mails.. damn, had to study all day)

mån 2003-05-12 klockan 19.43 skrev Mark:
> Hey guys,
> Just checked out rhythmbox HEAD and it's looking pretty nice,
> obviously the UI isn't quite finished, but it's looking pretty
> nice.
> One thing that I noticed is that both "playlist" and "group" are
> mentioned in the ui, and it reminded me of how I've always hated the
> term "group". EVERYONE else uses the term playlist and I see no reason
> to break with that.
> So can we just kill the term group?
> Thanks
> MArk
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