Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] About the new interface and other stuff


Can't say more than that your comments are right on the spot! :) I
hadn't realized the eye movement thing yet.. but you're damn right.

Damn, I hope we can design a good ui soon..


On Sat, 2003-01-25 at 10:26, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> OK. Finally I rebuild rb. And finally I read (well, quickly) old
> messages in list....
> -------------------
> xine vs gstreamer.
> As user I don't care too much about libraries and framework and
> scheduled and others. 
> As user I like
>         * listen all my music
>         * listen all mp3 from my friend or from web
> Oh, BTW. Download mp3 plugins from web like WMP8..... It's annoying,
> from user prospective.  And we have a lot of distro, not only Home and
> Pro :-) But it's not a RB trouble....
> As user I like to say "Rhythmbox just works". 
> So if _now_ is more simple use xine to develop/test stuff, OK. 
> But I hope the final release (included in gnome-core, I mean) will be
> gstreamer based, cause it is the GNOME multimedia core.
> BTW: if nobody uses gst, nobody can fix it :-)
> -------------------
> The new interface.
> Jorn said: "nobody loves it :-(".... Don't panic. We have an usability
> team. We can ask them.
> Waiting for it, I can point some personal brainstorming.
>         * new interface = old one + "steroids" 
>         * new playing buttons: good. More like real player. 
>         * to have a queue: good. I don't know why, but it can be useful
>         * OK, now bad/wrong stuff
> Let me explain. We have 4 lists, 9 buttons, 1 scroller, 1 text entry and
> various labels. All lists are full of labels. We have a "play album",
> "play album later" "play song", "play song later" and "play" button...
> which button I have to click? "Play album" = "Play Album Later" +
> "Play", it seems a duplication.
> Browser + available songs. When I go to choose tracks I have to 1) go
> (=move eyes) to artist list and choose 2) go down to album list and
> choose 3) go right-up and choose. In all choose actions you need to move
> your eyes from up to down. Results: to move eyes a strange,
> not-so-comfortable "z" movement. Then you can move eyes up, move
> horizontally to choose the right "play smth." button.
> All with a lot of "visual noise" from the plethora of widgets.
> Old arrangement was more simple. Artist and Album were horizontally
> placed, but eyes' movements was more "vertically".
> Search entry seems hidden. You can locate it simply and quickly.
> Playlist width change when change artist/album. BTW: 'cause now the
> "core" is the playlist, why its list is smaller then library's list?
> Seems like it's placed here 'cause there are not space...
> Well, probably I'm wrong or too much severe , but, really, I feel it
> uncomfortable. 
> Ok, now we have an alternative to d'n'd, but I can't see "It works
> fine/great" :-(

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