[Rhythmbox-devel] esdsink and gnome sound events....

ok,  i've heard the reasons for this warning dialog and why rb should
use esdsink and gnome sound events be enabled... my sound card only
supports one channel... even with alsa, so i rely heavily on esd and
even use the sound-monitor applet.  i had been running the xine backend
b/c gstreamer was borked on my end, so i was still able to use sound
events.  Well, i got gstreamer working again and compiled rb with it and
could no longer use sound events so i disabled them.  Then i had a
thought... gaim sounds are using esd, xmms is using esd, and none of
these interfere with rhythmbox, so while rb was still running i turned
sound events back on and even where they are used within rb, there are
no problems.

all of this begs the question from me.... is this warning really
necessary?? it seems like i have the setup that would facilitate the
problem that first introduced this dialog, but i don't have any problems
with it.

I have noticed a few problems that don't appear to be related to this...
for some reason playback doesn't always advance to the next song with
the gstreamer backend for me.  could these be esd related??? this occurs
with or without the sounds disabled...

oh well... switching back to the xine backend for now.
Douglas McMorris <virage83@mail.utexas.edu>

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