Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.5.2 and xine

Bastien Nocera wrote :

> No, you need xine-lib CVS for the bug to be fixed, all that's fixed in
> CVS is the ability to compile with an older xine-lib.

Aha, ok :-)
Now... so I have a build from this afternoon's CVS, and just in case, a bug
worth mentioning : When I click the icon in the notification area, which
used to hide the window, I get the menu that would pop-up if the window was
already hidden and I had hit the right mouse button (it has the "Show
window" entry, although the window is already visible).

I'll check to see if the hangs I was experiencing with 0.5.1 are gone
though, as that was the initial purpose of my upgrade ;-)


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages :
Raw Hide 20030825 running Linux kernel 2.4.21-20.1.2024.2.1.nptl
Load : 0.37 0.22 0.15

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