Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Problems with 0.5.1

Hey Colin...

> > Also, do you remember what kinds of things you changed on your system
> > before it stopped working?
> Nothing.  I didn't update any software, didn't do anything at all.  I figured maybe it was a configuration glitch (like, I added an mp3 with a bad id3 tag or something), but after deleting ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/* it's still broken.  It's very strange.

Just to let you know, I built rhythmbox from CVS and it seemed to clear up the problem I was having.  It works more or less fine now.

One comment -- I really liked being able to minimize Rhythmbox using the system tray applet.  I usually put a large list of songs on random and minimize it to the system tray, so it doesn't clutter the window list (I never interact with it, so why should it be there taking up space?).  I understand the motivation to have it bring up a menu when you click on it, could we maybe add a 'minimize to system tray' option on it?  Obviously the wording on that is wrong, but you get the idea.



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