[Rhythmbox-devel] Problem creating new source

I'm trying to create a new source, to act as a "queue".  I've created
the .c and .h files in the sources directory, and the .c file compiles
fine.  I then included my .h file in shell/rb-shell.c and added an
object for my source to the RBShellPrivate class and added the following
to rb_shell_construct:
shell->priv->queue_source = RB_QUEUE_SOURCE (rb_queue_source_new
rb_shell_append_source (shell, RB_SOURCE (shell->priv->queue_source));

But now it is giving me errors indicating that it is not finding the
macro for RB_QUEUE_SOURCE.  I've verified that that macro is defined in
my source's .h file.  Anyone know what I am missing here?
Mason Kidd

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