Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] some ideas...

On Sat, 2003-08-16 at 20:35, paul wrote:
> hi there,
> i'm running a cvs checkout from this evening, and it's excellent!
> there are a couple of things i'd like to see in a future version of rb,
> however.
> one, is something that has already been mentioned on this list recently
> - and that is the ability to have more than one list in the main/current
> playlist pane.  i.e be ctrl-clicking two or more artists, all of the
> selected artists songs would appear in the current list. i think that'd
> be cool.

I would agree with this... i think walters is wanting to do a rewrite of
the backend that would allow for this kind of thing more easily. 
currently i think it would take a lot of code to do this.

> another thing is something that is already being thought about, and that
> is how to deal with songs that are deleted from the library.  maybe
> performing a check on the database on startup? maybe use fam to monitor
> all the user-specified directories? i'm not sure which would be the best
> method, but i think it's important to have this?

Yeah, a watched directory would be really cool. There should definatly
be a way to handle the user deleting files that are in the library. 
Currently they are kept in the library even after startup and when you
try to play them you get a fairly generic error (at least i do with the
xine backend)

> finally, something to do with the interface that i've posted before, but
> didn't get any feedback.  the icon on the volume widget should really be
> the same one that is specified in the users current gnome-icon-theme. 
> it just makes sense to me for this to happen.  also, the volume widget
> should behave a lot more like the gnome-panel one. i.e drag the slider
> to the desired volume level, then when the mouse-button is release, hide
> the volume slider.  at the moment, it takes too many clicks to set the
> volume. 

On my gnome 2.3.6 install, the volume works the exact same way.  The
slider doesn't go away til you click outside of it somewhere.  Icon
themes support would also be nice.  Which reminds me, are the play,
pause, etc icons we use from the gnome stock or does gnome not yet
provide stock media icons??

> thats it really.  i hope some of these points are useful for you.
> thanks for all your hard work on the's great!!

If we want to start discussing future development, I think we should
take a long hard look at CD support, both playing and burning.

A few other "fun" things are album cover support, interactive retagging
via musicbrainz, and something that i haven't heard mentioned, but which
would be cool... a simple way for people to write gdesklet displays that
interact with rb... simple song info, play pause, etc stuff.

Sorry to bring more stuff up, we should first focus on the release at
hand... although it appears as though we're almost there.

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