[Rhythmbox-devel] [bug] Player locks down.

I've been using rb for a while and haven't seen this problem, but i
usually play music continuously.

this causes rb to hang... no segfault, and processor usage and memory
stay  normal.

reproducable everytime.


filter the library view some how... have shuffle off.  play the last
song... when it ends rb hangs momentarily then makes the status be
stopped.  then select a playlist and click play.  it hangs everytime for
me... output of rhythmbox -d gives me:

[0x80c7670] [rb_shell_player_open_location] rb-shell-player.c:666
(14:04:27): Opening file:///home/douglas/Music/MyMusic/David Crowder
Band/All I Can Say/David Crowder Band - All I Can Say.mp3...

as the line its hanging on... didn't run gdb on it as it doesn't

I'm running the xine backend as gstreamer is borked on my system. This
could be a bug with the xine backend, not sure.  Could someone with
gstreamer test this...  I dont' think this is a big bug as its something
that doesn't happen very often, but it is very reproducable for me...
always does it.

.... i really need to figure out how to use bugzilla :P
Douglas McMorris <virage83@mail.utexas.edu>

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