[Rhythmbox-devel] Ideas for some desktop consistency...

hi there,
i'm running the latest cvs and it's totally rock solid! well done to
everyone involved in this project...

there's a couple of things like like to see changed, however.  the
volume control on the main gui, first off.  the icon used should be from
the icon theme that the user has enabled.  my panel volume control icon,
and the one on the rb gui are different.  it'd be nice if these matched.
also, the speaker icon which shows the currently playing song in the
playlist window should use the icon-theme specified icon...would look a
lot nicer, imo.

also, about the volume control...at the moment, the only way to make the
slider go away once i've set my volume is to click elsewhere on the
gui.  i think it'd be more usable if it went away on a button release
event. it would half the amount of clicks needed to set a new volume
level :)

apart from those things, i think 0.5 will be a stunner!
good luck with the release (hope it's soon!).

paul <appleseed-cast@breathe.com>
i wish i was, but oh well

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