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On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 08:08, wrote: 
> All,
> It should also match things like ...
> "Corrs, The" with "The Corrs"
> "Belle & Sebastian" with "Belle and Sebastian"
> "Gary Numan" with "Numan, Gray"
> Not sure how though!
The way I picture it, (just an idea)
First of all rb will try the fuzzy matching,
Then indicate entries in the gui with some sort of flag
right clicking on those entries, one of the options that will pop-up
will be "merge close names).
CLicking on it, a dialog interface will pop-up and that will show the
list of close fuzzy matches.
At this point the user can instruct rb to cosider certain matches as
synonyms and also instruct if some unwanted match occurred so that the
annoying flag disappears from the ui.
2 actions can be taken at this point, all the id3 tags are modified to
be a common artist or album name, or rb still keeps the tags as they
were but also remembers at someplace that they are all the same. This
will be chosen by the user.

Something that can rest deep down the TODO list somewhere :)

While we are at it:
I have an annoying complaint with id3 tags and the way they are handled
by the jukeboxes (not specific to rb).
dont know about music from other places, but I am from india and indian
songs are more often than not associated with more than one artist.
There could be a male and a female singer (sometimes many) the composer
will be different, and so will be the lyricist.
SO browsing through the library using the artist tree becomes very
difficult and a little messy.
At places like this, rb's quick search comes really handy but still It
would be very difficult to follow a simple rule about naming/tagging
songs using the surrent format.
Is anybody else thinking about this?

cant wait for a release

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