Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] audiocd view in (net)rhythmbox

> Is this using the main monkey-media tree?  According to the ChangeLog it
> seems to be...  Right now we can't merge the two monkey-media trees,
> since the monkey-media maintainer is unwilling to apply "hacks" to make
> it work with GStreamer 0.6.x.  

Can you please explain this further. I really want to get monkey-media
merged and get audio-cd working in the main monkey-media. The more time
the fork is left and work continues on net-rhythmbox the more of a PITA
it's going to be.

I assume that you mean there is an issue with 0.6.x that is not an issue
with 0.7.x - If so then we really need to talk to the gstreamer boys
about backporting the code and/or fixing the problem. The Gstreamer boys
(rightly) complain about the rhythmbox team not poking at them to fix
bugs and instead working around problems. 

And I agree with them (and jorn), if this can't work with gstreamer atm
without a hack at the mm end, then we need to help the gstreamer boys
fix the issue.



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