Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] startup time

Il sab, 2002-10-26 alle 23:56, Shaun Guth ha scritto: 
> On Sat, 2002-10-26 at 23:38, MArk Finlay wrote:
> > I vote splash, because I never think that we can get to a stage where we
> > can be sure it will load instantly with any size of library.
> > 
> I agree - There should be less than .4 second delay between when a user
> launches the program and they get some sort of visual feedback on the
> screen.  Any longer and the program is perceived as being 'slow'.
> As a plus, the rhythmbox name is catchy; so it should be easy to inspire
> an artist to create something really groovy for a splashscreen :)
> Shaun
Doh! Everybody loves old splash, but there is a thing formerly knows as

>From hig/feedback.html:
        * they (= highly responsive apps ;-) provide enough feedback for
          users to understand what they are doing an organize feedback
          according to users abilities to comprehend and react to it
        * they let users know when processing is in progress
        * they let user know or estimate how long lengthy operations
          will take

i've to read all page before, but probably something like this (from
figure 7.7 in hig/feedback.html) is the best hig-compilant splash

|                                        |
|     <b>Wait, please...</b>             |
|                                        |
|    v    Loading shell                  | 
|    v    Loading interface              | 
|    >    Loading Library                | 
|    [########             ] 120 of 350  |

well, it's ugly, but we can add a cool image :-)

BTW probably no window captions and buttons, no _Close button and it may
work as a dialog or, better, as an alert, stopping only rhytmbox main

[...]'ansai com'era casa mia
e quel bambino che, giocava in un porcile

io, guarda il pongo che c'ho io
va' cor pongo mo' che te ce faccio
soldi in tasca non ce n'ho
ma sul pongo comando io

                (The gnometto band)

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