[Rhythmbox-devel] Ideas...

Hey guys...

I've been happily using rhythmbox 0.4 for awhile, and have one major suggestion:

Rhythmbox should be smarter with regards to songs/lists passed on the commandline.  Right now, when i click on an mp3 in nautilus, it passes it to rhytmbox, which adds it to the music library.  In my opinion this isn't right: most of the time, in such a situation you just want to listen to the song, not add it to your library.

Here's my suggestion: when a song comes in on the commandline, add it to the playlist (does rhythmbox have a notion of this?) and start it playing, but don't add it to the library.  Perhaps when such a song is playing, there should be a button near the controls that says 'Add to library' or something?

Similarly, when a music list file (m3u) comes in on the commandline, it should add all the songs it contains onto the playlist.

Thoughts? This is just an unrefined, off-the-tip-of-my-brain idea.  I may have the wrong idea about rhythmbox though, so please let me know.


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