Re: Typo fix in Deskbar

On 5/21/06, Alexander Shopov <ash contact bg> wrote:
While Christian is right that this would be a string break - deskbar has
been branched for gnome-2-14:
The branching was done in the early April.

The commit has not been made to the gnome-2-14 branch, just to HEAD.
Maybe I left you with the impression that I committed to gnome-2-14.

Yes, sorry, I assumed wrong. My apologies.

Now - looking at the statistics page - I see that gnome-2-14 still lists
HEAD as the branch for stable po's. That may need a change.

Are you sure? According to , the
stable deskbar-applet is gnome-2-14, and Danilo's ChangeLog entry for
the change is dated March 13th.


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