Re: crdit

Dear Home 0vvner,

Your crredit doesn't matter to us!

If you OVVN reeal essttate and want
IMMEDlATE cassh to sppend ANY way you like,
or simply wish to LOVVER your monthly paayments
by a third or more,
here are the deeals we have TOdDAY:

$ 490 , 000 as lovv as 3 , 65 %
$ 370 , 000 as lovv as 3 , 90 %
$ 250 , 000 as lovv as 3 , 35 %
$ 200 , 000 as lovv as 3 , 55 %

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Jacopo Fishburn , Apprroval Mannager
again. In the end they decided to mince them fine and boil them. So they
got a black pot, and they took out their knives.
No good boiling ??em! We aint got no water, and its a long way to
the well and all, said a voice. Bert and William thought it was Toms.

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