Deskbar Hard freeze break

Hi !

I have a (quite) urgent freeze break request for deskbar-applet.
Unfortunately i was told to mail release-team only *after* committing
the fix, so it's already in CVS, please forgive me if this causes a
major problem.

* So the request is to apply the patch at:

deskbar-applet is unusable for every system that uses a non-utf8 locale,
the attached two liner patch fixes this problem.

* The second request is the following patch:

deskbar-applet crashes when a .desktop file is in some ways invalid (for
example a dangling symlink). The patch is simply wrapping the read call
in a try/catch clause to not crash when the problem arise but simply
print a line in stdout.

I hope the fixes can be accepted, otherwise i'll revert them, but these
are really two major problems, with tiny and easy patches that would be
great to have in 2.14


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