Re: feature/ui addition request for gnome-screensaver


Vincent Untz wrote:
On Thu, July 27, 2006 16:47, William Jon McCann wrote:
I'd like to add the following feature and bit of UI:

This feature is off by default.  But it is really essential for all
keyboardless touch screen systems.

Ok to land this?

Looks nice. I would prefer to wait for the next cycle, but if it can
help with a11y, then you might get one approval from me. Or is this
something that you think is urgently needed?

This feature is basically nothing more than adding another GtkSocket interface to the window. The keyboard part you see in the screenshot is an example of something that can plug into it but it isn't part of gnome-screensaver itself. Also this feature is disabled by default.

Right now anyone who can't use the keyboard has to disable the screensaver altogether.

* There is very little complexity involved.
* It should be able the use of a11y features.
* It is really necessary for any system that doesn't have a keyboard.
     - kiosk
     - tablet PC
     - handheld device

I want to get this framework in now. For the next cycle I want to add logic that will automatically detect if you require a11y features and turn this feature on. And similarly look at gtk touchscreen-mode setting to see if the feature should be on.

Can I get approval?


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