The 2.13.4 release

Hi everyone,

Federico's been doing the release and I've been trying to be around to
help him out.  One thing to be aware of is that he wasn't able to
finish it all today and it turns out I won't be available tomorrow. 
He probably could finish it off just fine, but I'm hoping that if he
happens to run into any questions, that someone will be around to
answer them.  Watch for him to follow up to this email or hunt you
down on IRC if that's the case.  :)

Also, Federico: As I often do, I also built the release and tried it
out to serve as a backup if anything went wrong (and also because I
accidentally nuked my cvs build of Gnome...grrr).  I'm running it now
and it seems to work for me, though I haven't tested very thoroughly. 
I stuck the resulting 'versions' file (with the perl and java bindings
stuff added) in 
I'm guessing you won't need this, but it's there just in case it helps
at all.


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