gnome-2-14 branch for gnome-speech

This is to announce that a gnome-2-14 branch has been made for
gnome-speech.  It is based on the gnome-speech-0.3.9 release.
Due to a recent discovery and fix of a DECtalk driver hang
problem, I plan to have a gnome-speech-0.3.10 release based
upon this branch for gnome-2.14 very soon.  This release will
contain only the fix for the DECtalk problem.  No string
changes, new functionality, or API/ABI changes will be made.

The current GNOME CVS HEAD for gnome-speech contains additional
functionality, which consists primarily of the new driver for
speech dispatcher.  It also includes the DECtalk driver fix.
When it comes time for a new release, I will bump the version
for gnome-speech to 0.4.0.


PS - You may get this who knows how many times until I get
     my mailing list subscriptions straightened out.  Sorry.

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