Re: Nautilus: string/UI freeze approval request

Hi Christian,

Today at 16:44, Christian Neumair wrote:

> Proposed modifications
>  * Add new UI items for mounting/ejecting/unmounting/formatting volumes,
> marked for translation, displayed in the file menu, background context
> and location button/label context menu if applicable.
>  * Reorder tree view context menu "Properties" and "Unmount" entries to
> fit to with the newly-introduced order. Alexander is concerned that this
> may invalidate previously taken screenshots.

Why wasn't it possible to do this prior to string freeze?  If it
amounted to these 8 new strings in the string freeze which add a new
feature at the same time, it'd be a "no" from me regarding i18n :)


- "_Eject", "_Format", "_Mount Volume", "_Unmount Volume" already
  exist in Nautilus (same file, even), so they are not under string freeze
- tooltips don't really bring much value I'd say, and you can reuse
  the values for the above (instead of "... volume associated with the
  open folder" use the existing "... selected volume"), and later fix
  it once you branch for 2.14

So, a reminder: if a string already exists among translatable module
messages, you need not ask GTP for string freeze break.  More details on

It's up to developers to take advantage of this trick and look at
their POT files to see what messages already exist :)


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