Re: Plan to fix icons [was: Re: breakage caused by removed icons from gnome-icon-theme]

<quote who="Elijah Newren">

> > Dude, why are we supporting this *wholly inappropriate* late breakage? This
> > is not the kind of change that we should meekly accept at this stage of the
> > release process. We don't *have* to do this, and we *shouldn't* do it. This
> > is a choice between release discipline and riding a train wreck.
> I don't believe this is a fair representation.  Rodney made the change
> mid-January, and released it in the gnome-icon-themes-2.13.5 tarball. 
> He also notified desktop-devel-list, at
>  Now, he did miss feature freeze by about a day, so if this is
> considered a new feature then sure it was late (though just barely). 
> I had thought it was just a UI change, which he beat the deadline for
> by a few weeks.

This really goes deeper than 'feature' or 'UI' change. I would not be making
a fuss if it were that simple, without unintended side-effects, or without
creating a whole new class of bugs to deal with in just one month. This is a
major change which ought to be done at the start of a release process, with
a strategy for tackling bugs (very much like what Federico has suggested) as
they come up.

Look at the conversation about making g-i-t a 'platform API' - now how major
do you think this change is? :-)

- Jeff

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