Re: Patch for duplicate hotkey in the libgnomeprintui print dialog

Hi Kjartan,

Yesterday at 12:50, Kjartan Maraas wrote:

> Do you really think the amount of time it's been sitting in bugzilla is
> an argument to drop a bugfix?

No, I think that amount of time it's been sitting in Bugzilla is an
argument enough to post-pone it for after string freeze is over.

It simply means nobody cared for 18 months, and I see no reason to
finally start caring about it during 1 month of string freeze.

>> Please mark the patch as accepted-commit_after_freeze instead.
> I'm fine with that if there's a snowball's chance in hell that someone
> will do a libgnomeprint/ui release after 2.16.0 is out...

Oh well, even less of a reason to allow it, IMHO.  Also note that Gtk+
is able to handle conflicting accelerators: it switches from one
widget to another without actually activating them.


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