Re: gnome-panel string change

--- Ray Strode <halfline gmail com> wrote:

> Hi,
> For a while now, Ubuntu and Fedora have been using
> "System" instead of
> "Desktop" in the panel menu.  It would be good if we
> could get that
> change integrated into gnome 2.16.  I've talked with
> Vincent about it
> on IRC, and he seems okay with the idea.
> It's getting pretty late in the cycle though.  What
> do you guys think?

It would be great to see this upstream.

>From the docs point of view, it's not a very big
change, but it's a huge improvement for all the Ubuntu
users who have lots of documentation that has the
wrong menu name.
A search for <guimenu>Desktop should catch every
mention of it in the documentation.

I can take care of making the necessary changes to the
GNOME User Guide.

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