Re: gcalctool tarball dist for GNOME 2.15.1 is broken.

Elijah Newren wrote:
It appears that the gcalctool and gdm problems can be fixed by using a
decent shell (i.e. /bin/bash instead of Solaris' sh) though that's an
ongoing conversation in IRC at the moment...

Yup. The current version of intltool in CVS HEAD doesn't play well on Solaris. There is some shell syntax in the .../po/ that Solaris /bin/sh just barfs on.

By hand substituting the SHELL definition in .../po/ to use /bin/bash, I've just generated a new gcalctool (5.8.9) that includes the .po files, and announced
it, so that's ready for you to use.

dobey is working on an intltool patch to hopefully fix things for Solaris, which I'll
try when it's ready.

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