Re: [gst-devel] GStreamer in GNOME 2.16

As Mike mentioned in another mail I don't think there are anything major
affecting current applications apart from continuing improvements in
plugins and addition of more plugins to support more formats, protocols
and so on.

I think the most major planned changed is the USB device handling stuff
that Jurg has been working on:

The GStreamer parts of this are already merged for some time, but we are
still waiting on the control-center part to get merged.

There are some bigger projects planned, such as a rewrite of our
decodebin plug-in used by almost all GStreamer using playback
applications, but there should be no impact of this on applications or
GNOME apart from more things working/being possible.

I think for playback we are in a polish mode currently with almost all
the plugins we really need already there. A lot of the development focus
now is on enabling new non-playback applications like Pitivi, Diva,
Thoggen, Jokosher and Buzztard, Tapioca and Telepathy.

I doubt any of these applications will be ready for being proposed for
2.16, but at least some of them would be ready in the 2.16 timeframe.


On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 22:41 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just wanted to check what the plans are with GStreamer over the next few
> months leading up to the GNOME 2.16 freeze period, such that both projects
> can plan around (within?) our release schedules. For instance, are there any
> major changes that will impact GNOME 2.16 development, are there GStreamer
> related features that ought to be adopted in this timeframe, etc.
> If so, it would be useful if we could mail devel-announce-list with an
> outline of our plans, and recommendations for developers working with
> GStreamer in the GNOME 2.16 timeframe.
> Thanks,
> - Jeff

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