Re: GTK+ 2.10 on track for GNOME 2.16?

<quote who="Matthias Clasen">

> I am still trying to get 2.9 releases out before the end of April,
> although it is looking a bit tight. Need to get the async filechooser
> branch merged first. As soon as that has happened, I'll go into release
> mode...

Does it feel/look like you'll meet the May target mentioned in the 2.10 plan
page? I'd start feeling uncomfortable if it slipped much beyond May or June,
from our previous experiences with synching GTK+ and GNOME releases. There's
great stuff in 2.10 that would be disappointing to miss out on. :-)

If you guys need help with anything, can we help spread the word for you?

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
   "Warning: we're not going to use the testing sessions as vehicles for
                    personal UI vendettas." - Anna Dirks

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