Re: Translations not used in Evolution (was Re: Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server branched)

On 9/19/05, Harish Krishnaswamy <kharish novell com> wrote:

> I am handicapped by the fact that
> 1. I do not know what languages I should watch out for - before carving
> out a snapshot for pre-release testing.
> [1] The build verification by the Evolution QA team was done from rpms
> obtained from HEAD not the stable branch at that point, due to lags in
> updating the red-carpet channels.

Is there any way to fix these lags (or to time the branching so as to
make them not be an issue)?  Bugsquad, translators, the release team,
and others all would be watching the stable branch instead of HEAD and
it'd be much nicer, if possible, to just use the intended branch for
making all testing rpms and tarballs.

I understand you have a lot of constraints on you coming from a lot of
different directions so this might not be possible, but it'd avoid
future confusion like this that will almost certainly occur otherwise.

Thanks for all your hard work to smooth out these wrinkles,


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