Re: Request for freeze break: crasher in metacity, bug 315000

Le jeudi 01 septembre 2005 �1:48 -0600, Elijah Newren a �it :
> On 9/1/05, Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net> wrote:
>         I would like to request a freeze break due to a relatively
>         high profile
>         crasher in metacity.  I have created a simple patch with the
>         help of
>         Elijah Newren and tested it to verify that it fixes the issue
>         in
>         question.  Havoc has also given his approval. 
>         More details are available in bugzilla, at:
> Just a few extra details on why it's important and safe enough to
> break hard code freeze:
>  - the crasher occurs under pretty common circumstances (whenever
> placing a dialog or
>    splashscreen without a parent window set) and will thus affects
> lots of people
>  - the patch has been pretty heavily tested by Brent, Ryan Lortie, and
> me, including valgrinding it,
>    and was further approved by Havoc (as already noted by Brent)
>  - the patch is about as safe as possible as it was an uninitialized
> variable problem and the fix
>    merely involves moving the single function call that sets the
> variable to a place a little earlier in
>    the function.

Thanks for the details, Elijah.
Approval 1 of 2.


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