Proposal for inclusion in desktop: gnome-screensaver


I am pleased to propose gnome-screensaver for inclusion in the GNOME 2.14 Desktop release.

gnome-screensaver is a new screensaver that can replace xscreensaver. It is designed to integrate well with the desktop and provide an control interface that is desktop neutral. It simplifies and streamlines the experience for the user and provides more capability for the system administrator and vendor.

It is designed to support:

    * a desktop neutral control interface via DBus
    * a desktop neutral and standard way to install
      and manage screensaver themes
    * switching users directly from the unlock dialog
    * allowing a system administrator to set a mandatory policy
      for any setting
    * a secure separation of user input processing and authentication
      from the screen locking window
    * a separation between the screensaver theme engine
      and the theme settings
    * integration with the desktop (themes, fonts, toolkit)
    * translation into many languages by the GNOME Translation Project
    * instantly applying settings changes

More information can be found on the Wiki page:

Thank you,

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